Welcome to Stefani's Pest Control

The goal at Stefani's Pest Control is to keep those unwanted insects,"outside".
Tired of those unwanted pests re-invading your home?
My promise to you:
I will give you my 25+ years experience each and every time.
Before starting your service, I can give you a telephone evaluation and give you the basics on how I service your home or I can and will come to your home and make you aware of the following:

  • I will inspect your home and consult you and educate you on my findings.
  • I will tell you what products are being placed around your home and what to expect over the next few days up until the end of your maintenance schedule.

  • I will educate you on what to do to keep pests from harboring next to your home and inform you on how to safeguard your home from bees and wasps entering the eves and attics of your home.

  • I will maintain your home to the best of quality performance and services available in today`s pest control maintenance programs.
Services are performed in a variety of different ways. There are several types of services in which I will discuss in the "Services" section of my site.
And of course, please keep in mind, all the products my company uses are children and pet friendly.